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Rosa gentiliana
Ref No: 131
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Rosa longicuspis (Close-up)
Ref No: 142
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Rosa longicuspis
Ref No: 143
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colour: White
height: Climber over 12 feet(3.6 m)
scent: Medium
introduction: Pre 1700
usda zone: Zone 7 (-11C/12.2F to -16C/3.2F)
flowers: Single
repeat: Once Flowering

Rosa longicuspis (syn R. lucens Rolfe, R. yunnanensis (Crep.)Boul.) A. Bertoloni. A robust climber up to 6 m or more, with stiff shining almost evergreen leaves and red-purple young shoots. Leaflets 3 7, narrowly ovate to lanceolate or elliptic more or less reticulate, leathery, green beneath, glabrous, 5 10 cm long. Flowers about 5 cm across, sweetly scented, from narrowly ovoid buds, in a panicle of up to 15; petals silky on the back. Pedicels and hips often glandular and hairy; hips ovoid, 1.5 2 cm long. Native of the eastern Himalayas from Assam to Yunnan and Sichuan where it is found on Mt Emei, growing in hedges, thickets and among rocks, from 1000 to 2000 m, flowering from May to July. Photographed here in May on dry slopes in western Yunnan above the city of Dali. R. longicuspis var sinowilsonnii (Hemsl.) Yu and Ku, differs in its larger leaves, no or only slightly hairy pedicels, and broader buds. Described from Mt Emei. Zone 7, will survive down to 15C

Growing wild near Dali Yunnan southern China.


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