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Rosa pendulina (Hips)
Ref No: 215
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Rosa pendulina
Ref No: 216
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colour: Strong Pink
height: Average Shrub 2.5 - 5 feet (0.75 m - 1.5 m)
scent: Medium
introduction: Pre 1700
usda zone: Zone 4 (-27C/-16.6F to -33C/-27.4F)
flowers: Single
repeat: Once Flowering

Rosa pendulina L. syn R. alpina L. THE ALPINE ROSE A suckering shrub up to 2m high but often less, usually without prickles. Leaflets 7-11, Usually pubescent and sometimes glandular beneath. Flowers solitary, 3-5.5cm across, single, deep mauvish-pink. Fruit pendant, bottle shaped, often glandular, red. Native of open woods and alpine scrub and meadows in the mountains of central and southern Europe, from the Pyrenees to the Caucasus, (where the variety oxydon is found). This is the European representative of the R.moyesii group. Zone 5, will survive down to 25C


Flora Linnea

Fredriksdals Friluftsmuseum
254 37 Helsingborg

Tel: +46 (0) 42- 32 77 99
Fax: +46 (0) 42- 32 77 98
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