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Registration Questions

Why should I register with the site?

Registration enables you to receive informative newsletters and participate in discussions in our Talk Roses forum. Registration is simple, quick and free and if you would like to register today, please visit the 'Register' section of the site.

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password, we can email this to you at the email address which you supplied to us upon registration. Click here to proceed.

I have forgotten my username

Go to 'forgotten password' and request your log in details by entering your email address (please note, the system will only accept the email address you supplied on registration).

I want to change my username and password

You are able to change your username and password by visiting the 'Register' section of the site and logging on.

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Corporate Services

How to purchase images from the site.

The site contains over 5,800 images of roses from North America and Europe but this represents only a fraction of the number of high quality photographs available from the work of Roger Phillips. Please visit the section Buy photos for full information on purchasing the right to use these images.

How to find out more about the company behind RogersRoses

Please visit the About Us section and click on Corporate Services.

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Problems with the site

I can't log on to the Forums

If you cannot log on to the forums it could be for several reasons. You may have entered in an incorrect username or password, or there may be a genuine error with the system. If you have typed in an incorrect username or password, the site should display a message which tells you this. If it displays any other type of message, please visit the following and we will begin an investigation of this problem and contact you directly.

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Suppliers & Partners

I want to be included on the links section of the site

We welcome new additions to our site and are always interested in hearing from partners from like minded institutions. To submit your link for approval email us with your URL, a brief description and contact information including email address and phone number. In return we simply ask for a reciprocal link to be placed on your site.

You don't list some good suppliers who serve my area

If there are no suppliers listed on the site which meet your rose requirements in your area, please email us at with any suggestions you may have for suitable suppliers.

I ordered something through a listed supplier and it has not arrived

This is an issue which you need to take up with the supplier in question. However if you feel that this supplier should not be listed on the site because of the quality of the service or the product, please email us at and we will take this into consideration.

I ordered something through a listed supplier and I am not happy with it

Again, this is an issue which you need to take up with the individual supplier in question. As mentioned above, if you feel that this supplier should not be listed on the site because of the quality of the service or the product, please email us and we will take this into consideration.

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Botanical Questions

I am looking for a rose not listed on the site

If you have tried using the Keyword Search and the Advanced Search and have still not been able to locate the rose you are looking for, you can always post a message in the Talk Roses Forum and ask for assistance from our global community. New roses are added monthly but if you can’t wait, we suggest that you contact one of the nurseries listed in your area for further assistance.

I want to ask a botanical question

The Talk Roses Forum is the ideal place to pose a botanical question. Oftentimes the authors will visit the forum and answer questions so you could get a more in depth answer than you had bargained for!

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Search Tips

Advanced Search

The advanced search will help you to locate a specific rose or range of roses based upon criteria which you define. For example you can search for all roses which grow in certain temperature zones, all roses which are fragrant or any mixture of criteria to allow you to find the perfect rose!

Keyword search

Quick search & Keyword Search tips

The Quick Search and keyword search in the Advanced Search allow you to find particular roses by entering in their name, synonym or a descriptive word.

The keyword search is tremendously powerful and a great way to find special groups of roses. For example:
  1. Try a year search; your birthyear, anniversary or other special year. Just put in the year you wish to search e.g. 1954 will return all the roses introduced in that year.
  2. Many of our roses will have the breeder’s name. To search a breeders name put up only the minimum e.g. ‘McGredy’ not ‘Sam McGredy’ as we often only refer to the last name.
  3. We have taken photographs in many of the worlds most famous rose gardens and so by putting in a name like Huntington it will tell you all the pictures on site that we have taken in that garden.
When searching for a rose try to just put up one word rather than the whole thing; this avoids spelling errors due to French names or odd accents thus if you want to find the rose ‘Dr Robert Korns’ better not to put the whole name in as you might make a mistake like putting a full stop after the abbreviation Dr or even spelling it out, much the best would be to put up only the word ‘Korns’.

Also, to get the best results from your search avoid using the following in your keyword searches:
  • inverted commas ‘’
  • parenthesis ( )
  • quotation marks “ ”
  • Abbreviations such as R. for Rosa
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